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Solo exhibition by Valentina Cipullo at the Hotel Villa Fraulo in Ravello

Hotel Villa Fraulo, Via S.Giovanni del Toro 18, Ravello SAFree entry

Written by (admin), Monday, July 9, 2012 1:58:54 PM

Last updated Wednesday, May 15, 2019 6:44:04 PM

Between July 14th and September 2012 Hotel Villa Fraulo in Ravello will host a solo exhibition by Valentina Cipullo, a young artist from Salerno.
Ever since her first works, Valentina's art has been a study of the female universe aimed at portraying the myriad of emotions of women. Her subjects are actors in a play that represents an intimate show of their emotions and soul. Her work develops from an analysis of media images and of the resulting female archetypes created by the media. This is a reflection on external conditioning and on the identification with external models and their sociological connotations which we find in the aestheticization of women. The women portrayed by the artist can be seen as a type where a single image comes to represent the portrait of a generation that sees in media images its own conditioning and source of inspiration at the same time. Valentina Cipullo's women seem to be straight out of glossy magazines, but despite carrying similar features, these images are transformed and carry a different message. Her women can be models like those found in magazines, but they represent the same women who get inspired and influenced by these magazines. These women talk about women in a balancing game of deep frailty and extraordinary strength and character. These works are not telling us of the bodies of these women, the beautiful traits of their faces, their poise and clothes. Her paintings talk to us through the gaze of these women, they tell us of their feelings, their life and experiences, their dreams and desires, their cheeky demands and polite rebelliousness. The images of these women are like a sequence of expressions filled with emotion and suggestive visions of sweetness, harmony and nostalgia. They manage to express the artist's sensitivity and her vibrant lyricism. Every one of her works is a hymn to the willingness to open up, to tell a story, to express feelings and emotions with a delicate and unique sensitivity and style.

Valentina Cipullo was born in Salerno, Italy where she lives and works, in 1979. Her first works were exhibited in 1999. In 2005 Valentina's work was chosen for an exhibition of selected young artists from the Academy at Castel Dell'Ovo in Naples. Later exhibitions were held in Salerno, Rome, Milan and Berlin. She has been working with "Il Polittico" Gallery since 2007. Il Polittico boasts several publications and exhibitions, including collaborations with Nicola Bulgari and with the acclaimed British art historian and celebrated photographer Edward Lucie-Smith.In 2011 Breath was added to the permanent collection at IGAV, Istituto Garuzzo per le Arti Visive. In the same year Would you take the leap? was a runner up in the painting category at the Celeste Art Prize and was exposed at the Museo Civico Archeologico in Bologna. In December 2011 she took part in the Arte Contemporanea, Arte a Sud and in February 2012 she exhibited her work at the New Italian Art exhibition at Sala Miriade in Thiene. In the same month Would you take the leap? and Wildflower were chosen to be used for the set of Come è bello far l'amore, a feature film directed by Fauso Brizzi for Medusa Film. In March 2012 Dream Plan was included in Novecento e oltre, in Lonigo.Valentina's studio and atelier are in Salerno where she has been painting and teaching art since 2009.

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